Lime Light Pet Project: Meet Midnight!

SEATTLE- If you are looking for an affectionate feline friend, look no further.

Q13 is partnering with the Lime Light Pet Project to help Midnight get adopted.

Midnight is currently living at the Seattle Area Feline Rescue.  He is still young, but his personality captures the heart of everyone who meets him.

“We call kitties like these squashes because they’re so sweet and they thrive everywhere,” said Shelley Lawson with Seattle Area Feline Rescue.

If you are looking for a cat that does well with change and can quickly adapt, Midnight might be the one for you. The shelter says he is very related but is a bit of a social butterfly.

“He would probably like another kitty buddy since he's young and energetic,” Lawson said.

“His sister is also available and there are some others here that would probably like to be his friend, too.”

Midnight does not have any health concerns; the shelter says he is hearty and happy.

Workers say their favorite thing about him is how affectionate he is.

“I think that he is just such a kisser; he will find your face and he will lick your chin and tells you that he loves you,” Lawson said.

The shelter says you will want to ease Midnight into his new home.

It is very reassuring to cats to have a confined space to start out. They suggest introducing him to one room at a time because even a small home can seem very large for a cat that is used to living in a shelter.

If you are interested in adopting Midnight, you can stop by the shelter to learn more about him. The shelter is located on Aurora Ave. You can also visit the shelter’s website at