Lime Light Pet Project: Meet Birdie and Sir Henry!

SEATTLE - This adorable dog duo is looking for a forever home.

Q13 is partnering with Lime Light Pet Project to help Birdie and Sir Henry get adopted.

Birdie has black fur with a white muzzle, while Sir Henry has white, curly fur.

The adoption counselors at Homeward Pet in Woodinville say they both have charming personalities.

“They are easy,” said Adoption Counselor Kacy Bradey.

“They are good with other dogs, they are good with cats, they are great with people; they are a little shy at first, but they warm up really quickly.”

Neither dog has any health problems that are a concern. They do have clouding of the eyes, but that is normal for older dogs.

Sir Henry and Birdie are both ten years old and have lived their whole lives together, so they are very bonded.

Adoption counselors are hoping to find them a quiet home where they can continue to live life together.

“I think they need a home with older kids so it’s not too loud and rambunctious, they no one is grabbing them a lot,” Bradley said.

“They might do well in an apartment because they don't need tons of exercise.”

Sir Henry has lots of energy for his age, and he loves to play with stuffed toys.

Birdie is a lap dog, so she makes the perfect companion for watching television.

If you are interested in adopting the pair, contact Homeward Pet by sending them an email, giving them a call, or stopping by the shelter.

The counselors will ask anyone interested to fill out a brief adoption survey and if it’s a good fit, will allow the new owners to take the dogs home the same day.