Lifeguards provide water tips for staying safe and cool this hot weekend

Temperatures are expected to hit the 90s this weekend, and lifeguards want anyone planning on cooling-off near the water to also stay safe.

Lifeguards in Seattle are also expecting the high temperatures to bring people out to area parks, and that means crews need to be ready.

“We’re expecting them to maybe be up for an hour to two hours straight just because of how many people we might have in the water compared to on our normal days,” said Peter Wreford-Brown.

Wreford-Brown is the managing lifeguard at Magnuson Beach. He asks anyone who is  planning on hitting the water this weekend to be responsible.

Wreford-Brown suggests these tips for staying safe:

  • Wearing a life jacket
  • Always watching kids when in the water
  • Never drinking or doing drugs if you plan to swim
  • Bringing a buddy along so you’re not swimming alone

“Have a good weekend. Make sure you’re keeping yourself cool getting in that water and try to swim in lifeguarded areas because we’re here to help,” he said.

If you go in the water or not, Wreford-Brown also suggests wearing sunscreen and bringing extra water to stay hydrated.

In the past, parks provided lifejackets; however, Wreford-Brown said that is not the case this summer due to COVID-19.

He said you can order a lifejacket online, but make sure you’re buying one that is coast guard approved.