Life tip: The police will never call and force you to buy gift cards at Rite Aid

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – An odd scam has become problematic enough that the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning about it Friday.

The scammers are cold-calling people and telling them there’s a warrant out for their arrest because they failed to appear for jury duty.

They then tell the victim to go to a local business – Walmart, Fred Meyer or Rite Aid – and buy about $3,500 worth of Green Dot Moneypak cards, which are essentially prepaid debit cards.

The victim is then instructed to call back and give the card number to the scammer.

Those who refuse are threatened with arrest.

Whatcom County undersheriff Joe Parks said it’s a good reminder to never give any personal information out over the phone unless you’re positive who you’re talking to.