Lewis County man hears from brother in Texas: 'My church that I pastor is absolutely destroyed'

MOSSYROCK, Wash. -- Ben Buchanan is originally from Skagit County; the community of Rockport to be exact. But now he lives in a different Rockport -- the one in Texas that was devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

On Wednesday, Ben was able to FaceTime with his brother Nick, who lives in Mossyrock, Wash.

Here in his home in Lewis County, Nick remains in constant contact with Ben and his wife and grandchildren since the storm made landfall Friday night.

“My church that I pastor is absolutely destroyed. It had water in it about, I think they said 6 or 7 feet deep,” says Ben.

Ben and his family had no choice but to evacuate. Two of their homes were destroyed, the roof torn apart, holes punched through the ceiling in one house. The other home was knocked off its foundation and split in half from the sheer power of the storm.

Ben says he’s grateful for all the help from first responders and volunteers, especially those who made the trek from Washington state.

Nick is preparing to open up his home this weekend, as some of the grandchildren leave Texas and head for Washington, planning to spend time in Mossyrock and connect with family.