Less than 2,000 customers still without power amid near-freezing temperatures

EVERETT, Wash. -- Snohomish County PUD says their employees worked 40 hours straight after Tuesday's storm to get power back to people as quickly as possible.

And all their hard work is paying off.

As of 8 p.m. Saturday, Snohomish County PUD said that less than 1,000 customers were still without power.

Puget Sound Energy had restored power to all but 623 customers, most of whom were in the Greenbank area of Whidbey Island.

Seattle City Light and Tacoma Public Utilies had no outages to report.

And temperatures were expected to fall to near-freezing or below freezing in some parts of the Puget Sound region during the next few overnights.

When a tree fell on a power line, 24th Avenue Southeast went dark and the Yo family couldn’t get out of their house.

“The first two days, we couldn’t get out,” Mark Yo said.

“They told us to treat it like a hot wire,” Hillary Yo said of the downed power line.

Mark and Hillary have anxiously been waiting for four days for crews to restore their power to their Everett home. It’s especially important with a 1-year-old and 4-year-old at home.

"By the second day, we were a little bit frustrated and stir crazy," Hillary said.

With only candles to heat their home, their 1-year-old now has a cold.

Multiple layers of clothing isn’t enough to keep Charlotte warm.

“Last night we had enough, we went to a hotel because she kept crying in the middle of the night,” Hillary said.

Snohomish County PUD workers tell Q13 FOX News they understand the frustation. They've been working around the clock since Tuesday’s storm

“It’s among the top 3 storms since we've been in business in the last 60 years,” Snohomish County PUD spokesman Neil Neroutsos said.

Ninety different crews from 12 different jurisdictions fanned out  across Snohomish County.

But some of the hardest-hit areas may not get their power back until Monday.

“To get access to some of these sites, there are trees down, there is brush down; we have to get tree trimmers,” Neroutsos said.

The Yo family was worried they had to spend another night in the cold but crews finally made their way to their area, restoring power Friday afternoon.