LEAKED VIDEO: Is this the new Windows 9?

SEATTLE --  Video purportedly showing the next version of Microsoft Windows has leaked online and was trending on Facebook Monday.

The video shows an operating system that seems to return to the more traditional Windows look while still incorporating some of the touch functionality and look of Windows 8.

The video seems to show the new operating system will allow users to create and run multiple virtual desktops.  It also appears the company will add its Cortana personal assistant to the platform.

At the same time that rumors swirled about the video, another rumor that the company was planning to rename and rebrand the platform strengthened.  An invite-only event is planned for Microsoft in San Francisco Tuesday.  Tech followers are widely speculating the company will announce the new name at that time.

In addition to a new name, a Microsoft executive in Indonesia is being widely quoted as saying the next generation of Windows will be a free upgrade to existing Windows 8 users.  That would break from company tradition and more closely mirror the Apple model of upgrading operating systems.