Lawyer accuses Bellevue Christian School of failing to act on allegations against teacher

SEATTLE -- The attorney for a teenager who says her former teacher sexually molested her is speaking out.

Sim Osborn says the girl was 13 and in seventh grade in 2012 at Bellevue Christian School in Clyde Hill, when her science/shop teacher Edward Sloan began touching her inappropriately. He says the girl’s family reported the incident to the school, but administrators failed to take any action.

“That was not a safe school, that was not a safe learning environment,” Osborn says.

The victim contacted police, who arrested Sloan this week. He was charged Thursday with child molestation. According to the court documents, at least two other students at Bellevue Christian School had complained about Sloan in the past.

The school says Sloan is now on administrative leave.

“It's criminal, it's criminal that this had to take so long,” says Osborn. “I don't think the school did anything until they were made to do something.”

Osborn says her client wants to protect her privacy. But she hopes that if there are other victims, they will come forward.

“There are others more likely than not who had this happen to them, and didn't speak up for fear of recrimination or reprisal or public shame and humiliation. It's not OK.”

Sloan will be arraigned at the King County Courthouse on June 22.

A statement issued by Bellevue Christian School on Thursday said, in part: "The safety and security of our Bellevue Christian School community is priority number one -- and all employees undergo a screening process that includes validation of their credentials, fingerprinting and a full background check."