Law enforcement will be out on New Year's Eve

SEATTLE -- More than 20,00 people are expected at Seattle Center on Tuesday night to celebrate the start of 2014. They won’t be alone. There will be plenty of law enforcement and emergency crews on hand, just in case celebrations get out of control.

“We’ll have a beefed up police presence to ensure public safety which is paramount for us,” says Sean Marshall, who works at the Space Needle.

Safety is a special concern on the roads, since a lot of people like to celebrate the New Year with a drink or two.

“Later at night, it can get a little scary,” says Tyler Perron.

“You do think about what kind of craziness is going on,” agrees Ken Clemence.

Ryan Johnson says his family has stayed at home on past holidays, but he decided to brave the roads this year.

“Since we haven’t done it for so long, we thought we’d take the risk and go for it,” he says.

Troopers say statistically, there aren't more DUI’s on New Year’s Eve than other nights. But they’re not taking any chances.

“We’ll be all over the county tonight, we do have extra troopers out tonight working DUI patrols,” says trooper Chris Webb with the Washington State Patrol. “Nowhere is safe is you’re trying to get away from us, we’re out there.”

They hope drivers will make a resolution in 2014 to not drink and get behind the wheel.

“It’s not worth the risk of going out and driving drunk. Not only endangering yourself and others, but the monetary cost when you incur get arrested for DUI,” says Webb. “Obviously our suggestion is to have a designated driver or call a taxi or have a friend pick you up.”