Large turnout at vigil for fallen Bothell police officer

From the morning after the fatal shooting to late into the night, mourners showed up to pay their respects to fallen Officer Jonathan Shoop. 

Shoop was killed in the line of duty Monday night after he was shot during a traffic stop that turned into a pursuit. A second Bothell police officer was shot and treated for his injury, according to police.

Law enforcement and firefighters from around the state stopped by to grieve Shoop’s death - and show support to the Bothell Police family.

“Police officers are something very important to our community, and we just want to show up to show our full-fledged support to them and our thankfulness for their continued sacrifices,” said Nicolas Tobias from Bothell.

Shoop joined the Bothell Police force last year in June. Before that, he served in the U.S. Coast Guard.

“Jonathan was a dedicated officer who served the City of Bothell with professionalism and compassion. Jonathan was well liked amongst his peers and throughout the community. Officer Jonathan Shoop will be dearly missed," the Bothell Police Department tweeted.

We expect to learn more about Officer Shoop in the coming days.

The Behind the Badge Foundation is supporting the police department and family during this tragic loss.

“We know that this does not ever get over. This will never be over. We move to different places and to try to navigate that, we try to heal and move forward through our life, in a life that we didn’t expect to have,” said Brian Johnston, Executive Director of Behind the Badge Foundation.

Johnston said the Covid-19 pandemic has limited their ability to organize and hold memorial services. More details about a service for Officer Shoop are expected this week.