Large propane leak at Port of Tacoma prompts evacuations

TACOMA -- A large leak from a propane tanker car at the Port of Tacoma prompted evacuations to nearby workplaces Monday, officers said.

The leak was reported around 10 a.m. in the 4000 block of State Route 509 near the intersection of Frontage Road. Fire engine and hazardous materials units were called to the scene, and crews quickly established a "hot zone" perimeter and let the propane bleed off naturally.

No injuries were reported, but an unknown number of people were evacuated from their port workplaces.

Crews believe the leak was caused by tanker damaged during typical offloading procedures, Tacoma Fire officials said. Officials took air samples and 12 p.m. and attempted to examine the tanker for further damage.

An estimated time for when Port of Tacoma workers would be allowed back into their work was unknown early Monday afternoon.