Lack of New Year's Eve celebrations impact performer's pockets

The pandemic made ringing in the new year less of a bang, and more of a fizzle, and for some the lack of celebrations impacts their ability to make money.

There were no fireworks to welcome 2021 in Seattle. The decades-long tradition was canceled for a second year in a row.

Around town, businesses and restaurants also made changes to how they operate on New Year’s Eve due to the pandemic.

For performers like Vivian Tam, this is a strange way to end the year.

"Very sad, and a little lonely. I think you miss the presence of all your fellow performers," she said.

Tam is an aerialist. She also owns her own business called Chrysalis Circus.

Tam spent New Year’s Eve 2019, entertaining large crowds on a Seattle rooftop bar with one of her performers.

This year, she stayed home and cooked dinner.

It has been difficult for her over the last few months. She was forced to shut down her operations, and to find a job in retail to maintain a steady income.

"The industry as a whole has struggled immensely. And we have lost a lot of companies. We have lost theater groups. We have lost, just people have had to close up shop. Business have had to close," she said.

She is looking forward to the changes we all hope 2021 will bring.

Tam and her performers did not have any shows on New Year’s Eve, but you can watch them at the 2020 Redmond Lights in a short film presentation.

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