Kittens bagged and left for dead on I-90 now thriving at Seattle Humane

SEATTLE -- Things looked grim for five newborn kittens when they were found in a paper sack on the side of I-90 last week. But it's a different story a week later thanks to Seattle Humane and the foster families who took them in.

Seattle Humane workers said a woman spotted a paper sack on the side of I-90, and when she realized it was moving, she investigated and found five newborn kittens in the  bag.

She rushed them to Seattle Humane, where staff provided emergency medical care.

"The kittens could not have been older than 5 days, at most, and with no surrogate kitty momma to take them under her wing, their chance at survival hovered around 50 percent," the nonprofit said on its Instagram page.

Now, the kittens are thriving and starting to open their eyes, all while enjoying toothbrush massages and bottles of food.

Seattle Humane credits the work of two foster families that gave the kittens around-the-clock care.

“My favorite part is definitely seeing them go from small, fragile furballs to healthy, strong kittens," foster mom Karol said. "The transformation is always amazing to witness."

They'll be up for adoption in about five weeks. You can learn more about Seattle Humane and how to adopt here.