Kirkland Police arrest three in 2020 killing of 18-year-old at Houghton Beach Park


King County Prosecutors have charged 18-year-old Chrisean Kaufman, 17-year-old Joshua Hawthorne and 17-year-old Calvin Vao with Murder in the 1st Degree.

All three are being held on $2,000,000 bail.

Kirkland police arrested them on Wednesday. They are accused of robbing and shooting 18-year-old Cyrus Mason at Houghton Beach Park last September.

All three suspects are scheduled to be arraigned on March 3.


Investigators say they arrested two juveniles and an adult early Wednesday in connection with the killing of an 18-year-old last year in Kirkland.

According to Kirkland Police, Cyrus Mason was shot and killed at Houghton Beach Park the night of of Sept. 16, 2020.

Officers found Mason shot multiple times at the park and took him to a hospital, where he later died.

Investigators said that the park was the destination for a firearms transaction. It was chosen since Kirkland is geographically located between Marysville, where the victim was traveling from, and Renton, where the suspects were traveling from.

"All the lives that he changed—he changed so many lives. He is just forever present in our lives still to this day. I swear I see him in the corner of my eyes sometimes," Mason's mother, Saranovich Jeovinci told Q13's Franque Thompson.

On Wednesday morning, February 17th, Kirkland Police made three arrests with assistance from the North Sound Metro SWAT Team. Two juveniles and one adult were booked into King County Jail for investigation of Murder in the First Degree. The suspects have not yet been identified.


Back in September, Cyrus' mother could not hold back tears while looking at a picture placed at a growing memorial at the park. The picture was the last one she took of him when she was in Washington visiting from her home in small-town Idaho.

"It’s broken, it’s shattered. I feel like my whole soul has been ripped out of me. He was my everything. He kept me going," said Jeovinci.

Jeovinci now has to find strength on her own to keep going through life without her son, whom she raised by herself.

"I fell to the floor and I just screamed please let it not be true, tell me this is a joke, tell me this is not real," said Jeovinci. "They robbed him for everything he had in his pockets, which we still don’t know what he had," she said. "We’re from the country. He probably didn’t have much, but maybe some cash. He carried cash."

Jeovinci said Cyrus worked at Microsoft as an apprentice painter. He loved being near the water, was friendly to all people and loved his mother.

"He was stolen from us, from this world—not just me, from everyone who knows him and the people who don’t," she sobbed. "This world needed him."