Kirkland neighborhood on alert after mysterious notes are found on front doors

KIRKLAND, Wash. – Kirkland police are investigating reports of handwritten notes left on doors asking to purchase their car, after neighbors fear something more sinister.

Multiple neighbors have reported the same handwritten notes found on their doorway, with a message to call “Mike” about purchasing their car.

“I thought I was very special,” said Cindy Miller, about finding the note. “Then, I started talking to my neighbors and every Toyota/Lexus product had a note on it, saying they were looking for that car. Same number, same person, suspicious.”

Miller said it was in that moment, her radar went off. This, she said, could be part of a scam. “It makes me feel like possibly the neighborhood is being cased.”

Kirkland police said they are aware of the notes, but not the intent of the person leaving them. They confirmed they are concerned about notes being used as a cover for other crimes.

In Seattle, police have reported burglars using stories about lost pets to gain access to neighborhoods without suspicion.

Kirkland police released a reminder to everyone that door-to-door scams of all types have not gone away, asking homeowners to be diligent about their safety.

They say always ask for identification from the person at your door and never share your personal information. They also recommend talking to neighbors about any strange sightings or suspicious activity and to alert police about concerns.

“It’s a little fishy,” said Miller. “I don’t believe someone was driving by accidentally and saw my car and put a note on my door.”

Kirkland police don’t know if these notes are part of a larger scam, but Miller said, either way, she hopes it never happens again.

Kirkland police have a new online reporting system for citizens to report non-emergency concerns, like the suspicious behavior in Highlands. You can find out more here: