King County using new equipment to prepare streets ahead of snow

SEATTLE -- With dry conditions Wednesday, King County road crews got a good jump on putting down anti-icer ahead of Thursday's expected snow.

More than 300 miles of arterials and connecting routes have been treated and crews are standing by to tackle trouble spots.

Drivers were also mentally preparing for the forecasted snowy conditions.

“All I have to do is baby-sit tomorrow so I’ll probably walk, like two miles, instead,” said Makenna Brown.

“I’m worried about the other people,” said driver David Smith.

And Renton resident Bonnie Gallaher said about driving in the snow: “Just one of those things.”

No matter what your style of driving, King County has something for you. Wednesday night it put down anti-icer -- something that works best in clear, dry conditions.

“We’re able to do some pre-treating today which we haven’t been able to do in the past,” said Jeremy Ferguson, Roads Maintenance manager with King County.

Four-thousand gallons of anti-icer is already on major arterials and roads connecting to other counties.

“Equates to about 315 or so road miles,” said Ferguson.

King County is also rolling out brand new truck attachments, 11 sanders, seven sanders with pre-wetters and 16 plows. Crews are also standing by to tackle hot, or rather cold spots in the morning, before drivers hit the pavement. But remember not all streets get anti-ice treatment.

“If you’re in an area that doesn’t receive treatment, I would stay off the roads as much as possible,” said Ferguson.

So, if you’re going skiing. “Absolutely, just opened, should be awesome,” said Smith.

Or just babysitting, watch out for road crews and stay safe.

“Twenty miles an hour rather than 40 because I drove the other day and everybody was speeding past me and sliding and I couldn’t do it,” said Brown.