King County Metro will stop collecting fares and ask riders to board buses through rear doors

SEATTLE -- Staring Saturday, March 21, King County Metro will stop collecting fares from riders and start asking them to board buses through the rear door.

Until further notice, riders will no be required to pay a fare to use King County Metro services, including buses, water taxi and Access paratransit.

“As this crisis evolves, we are constantly reviewing all of our practices and policies to provide the best service while keeping people safe," said King County Executive Constantine. "Changing how riders board and exit our bus fleet and also suspending all fares is part of that effort. It is essential to keep this community on the move, and I thank all the operators, mechanics, support staff, and riders who are helping us get through this, together.”

King County Metro previously announced a reduced service schedule starting Monday, March 23 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Just one day earlier, Sound Transit announced reduced service on Link Light Rail, Sounder Trains and Express Buses.