King County family speaks out after home was riddled with bullets

King County residents Sanne and Von Miller woke up to their alarm at 4:40 a.m. on Tuesday and five minutes later 11 bullets struck their home. At first, they weren't sure what it was.

"I thought it was fireworks outside my window," Sanne said.

Sanne said she could see the window next to her bed shattering and the room filled with smoke.

The married couple of 28 years dropped to the floor and took cover. Once the shooting was over, Von called 911

"I was just screaming and crying on the floor for a long time," said Sanne.

The Millers said it was complete chaos. They told Q13 News they believe they were targeted and said the connection has to do with their daughter, who does not want to be named.

The Millers got a call from their daughter two hours after the shooting and learned who terrorized their home with bullets. She said it was a friend of the family who they met in 2016. Joseph Sims who was recently released from prison in May.

Q13 has learned from multiple law enforcement agencies that Sims is now under investigation for a kidnapping in Bothell. The kidnapping happened the same morning the Miller’s house was shot at.

The daughter told Q13 News that Sims wrote messages to her in prison and also texted her twice since he was released. She said she didn’t respond and that he was just trying to get attention in any form he could. 

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