King County Elections officials seeing most drop box ballots ever

King County Elections officials say they are seeing more people using ballot drop boxes this year than they have ever seen.

About 70% of the ballots coming into king county elections are from drop boxes, said Kendall Hodson.

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Hodson, the Chief of Staff for King County Elections, said on Wednesday the split between mail-in ballots and drop box ballots are usually about 50%. She also said the majority of drop box ballots come in on Election Day.

“We’ve never seen ballot drop box numbers like this,” she said.

For voters like Spencer Heinzel, there is a specific reason he uses the drop box.

“You hear about everything going on in the postal service; everything’s taking a long time to get anywhere,” he said.

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Heinzel said he is worried about making sure his ballot in on time and was counted. That's why he's using the drop box nearly a week before Election Day. 

“I’m sure if I put it in, in a week, and put it in the post office it would not get there in time; it would not count,” he said.

Mary Segall said she has similar concerns.

“I wouldn’t put it in the mail,” she said. “I just think the mail system has gotten slow. It doesn’t come every day anymore. It seems to be slower. I think this {drop box} is a more assured way,” she said.

However, the United States Postal Service officials said with two decades of experience with mail-in ballots, they guarantee they will get your vote in.

“I really don’t think there should be any cause for concern by any voters about our ability to handle election mail. I’m confident we can do it in a timely and accurate manner,” said Ernie Swanson who is a Communications Specialist with USPS.

Hodson said King County Elections is confident in either way voters choose to cast their ballot.

“We are seeing really normal postal transit times for this election. Voters should feel confident using that system, but of course, if they aren’t or they’re nervous that is why those drop boxes are there,” said Hodson.

Hodson said as long as your ballot is post marked by Nov. 3rd, it will be counted.

She does suggest using a drop box if you have not mailed in your ballot by Friday.