King County deputies break up car prowl ring, arrest 3 suspects

REDMOND -- Marymoor Park is one of the most popular in our area.

People visit the park night and day.

Unfortunately, a lot of them leave valuables in their parked car.

Thieves call it a target-rich environment.

There have been some three-dozen victims whose cars were prowled in Marymoor Park over the past four months.

Detectives say the thieves worked quickly. Within minutes, police say, the crew of two men and a woman used their victims' stolen credit cards to buy gift cards and other items.

"They have had a huge ripple effect throughout the community because they have gone on to do the identity theft' not just in our jurisdiction but Bellevue Police, Redmond Police, Mercer Island Police have all been hit with this same group,” King County sheriff's Sgt. DB Gates said.

Their crime spree came to an end last Thursday at Marymoor Park where they allegedly found so many of their victims.

A woman waiting to pick up her child saw them sitting in a van and called police.

"She'd been there for a while and saw a van that she knew was occupied and was just giving her that sense of something not being right. She called 911 and deputies recognized that vehicle as one we had been looking for in a long series of car prowls going back all the way at least back to July,” Gates said.

Police are hopeful the arrest of the three suspects will have an immediate impact on car prowls in our area and identity theft that goes along with it.

They remind all of us, to protect ourselves, never leave anything of value out in the open in your car.

If you had your car prowled at Marymoor Park, call the King County Sheriff’s Office.