Kids with medical needs get Halloween visit from Reverse Trick-or-Treaters

Some special kids in Bremerton and Gig Harbor got a visit from "Reverse Trick-or- Treaters" who brought Halloween fun right to their doorsteps. 

The Kitsap Friends of Children's Guild visits kids who have cancer and other medical needs. Saturday the ghoulishly fun group brought the fun and laughter to 11-year-old Azrael's house in Bremerton. 

He and his brother Rohan had decorated the yard and were eagerly awaiting the spooky crew.     

"We are both Zombie Hunters today," said Azrael. 

"Did you know that sugar is actually good for you?", said Rohan. 

Azrael has been battling brain cancer for a few years, his mom says the group has come to the home three times since his diagnosis.  

"We get to spoil the kids with lots of candy and spooky little surprises and be light-hearted and really enjoy the day," said Azrael's mom, Jessie Early. 

For the Evalt family, including Laura, who was dressed as an "Awesome Grandma", it's a calling. 

"We lost a grandson and a granddaughter to cancer when they were children, and it’s gratifying to be able to do something for the parents because the weight on them is so heavy," said Laura.  

Julie Cooper's daughter Miriam passed away in February 2006.  

"My mom talked about my daughter Miriam," she said. "We do this for her, you know. We remember what people did for us as a family." 

At Ryler Strong's house in Gig Harbor, he was waiting to see a cowboy costume when the crew arrived. He has a neurodegenerative disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome. 

His dad, Justin Strong, says his neighbors and sisters joined him in the Halloween celebration Saturday in his driveway with the Kitsap County crew. 

"He doesn’t get a chance to get out and do a lot. So, for him to have this whole special moment is really special," said Justin.  

"You don’t even know how the impact it has to have somebody come to your house and just take you out of the day a little bit.  It's really important," said Julie.  

The Early family plans to continue the fun on Halloween. Azriel is looking forward to seeing more costumes as the family welcomes trick-or-treaters on the 31st. 

"It's Halloween, you can dress up like anything," said Azriel. 

 Rohan responded, "I know what, Harry Potter,"

"We will be ready, and we will be in costume, and we will be playing spooky music, and it's going to be so much fun," said mom Jessie Early. "It is so awesome to have my community come together and to stop by."

She plans to have the Kitsap Friends of Children's Guild come back again next year.