Kent bans smoking, vaping at all city parks

KENT, Wash. -- The Kent City Council passed a resolution making smoking, vaping or any use of tobacco products on park property against the law.

This ban includes both noncombustible products, like e-cigarettes or other vaping devices that produce smoke or vapor, and dipping tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff or snus; and combustible products, like paper cigarettes, cigarillos or cigars, pipes and hookahs.

If the product emits smoke, or vapor, or contains tobacco, it is prohibited under the new ordinance.

“The city of Kent is a little behind this trend,” said Parks director, Julie Parascondola. “We want our parks to be tangible reflections of the high quality of life in our community.”

Signs will be placed in all city parks and park facilities to alert the public of the change.

“We understand that we can’t prevent people from smoking, but promoting healthier lifestyle choices aligns directly with our mission of fostering overall wellness for Kent residents and parks’ visitors,” Parascondola said.

More than 1,200 park systems across the country are smoke-free.

Kent becomes the 5th city in King County to enact a smoking ban in all parks. The five cities include Bothell, Burien, Shoreline and Woodinville.

The smoking ban excludes the Riverbend Golf Course facility.