Keeping your valuables yours this holiday season

LYNNWOOD, WA - Law enforcement says car break-in numbers increase during the holiday season, and they want to make sure you keep your belongings stay yours this year.

Detective Bill Koonce with Lynnwood Police says they see about a 25% increase in car break-in crimes related to the holidays.

“There’s just a piece of glass between them and 200 bucks they’re going to take it,” said Koonce.

He says so often victims are surprised when it happens to them, but these crimes happen every year.

Here are ways that you can avoid being a victim this holiday season. Law enforcement says to remember the 3 S’s.

Scan: Scan the contents of your vehicle. Are there items visible that would be of interest to a criminal?

Stow: Discreetly stow everything out of sight; you don’t want someone to SEE YOU placing something in your trunk. Do NOT use a blanket or coat to cover valuables, this piques the interest of a prowler.

Secure: Close windows and lock your vehicle.

Other ways to stay safe this holiday:

    If you’re doing online shopping, law enforcement suggests not shipping items to an empty home. Packages sitting on a front porch is an easy target for crooks, they say.