Keep your rain coat out as we say goodbye to 60, hello to rain and wind

SEATTLE – Monday was the sixth day to hit 60 degrees this year – and probably the last for quite a while.

The forecast is wet, gusty and relatively cold for at least the next 10 days, Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said Monday.

“Right now there are NO more 60 degrees in the forecast for at least 10 more days,” Kelley said.

Tuesday starts out wet and gusty, with the strongest gusts near Bellingham and the Coast. Gusts for the Metro area will be around 30 mph., which is a little less than we saw over the weekend). Tuesday afternoon will have passing squalls and sunny periods.

Enjoy the sun breaks when you get them.

Wednesday starts out wet, gusty and chilly, and will likely produce some mountain snow. Wednesday afternoon will have some sun breaks, but passing squalls remain active.

On Thursday and Friday, the rain will keep going  - but most of it will be at the beach and in the mountains. F

Friday evening through the weekend will feature more passing showers.