K-pop boy group EPEX, back with fourth EP 'PRELUDE OF LOVE CHAPTER 1,' answers fan questions

Less than a year and a half after debuting last summer, K-pop boy group EPEX is back with their fourth EP title, "PRELUDE OF LOVE CHAPTER 1."

The eight member group composed of members WISH, KEUM, MU, A-MIN, BAEKSEUNG, AYDEN, YEWANG and JEFF are under C9 Entertainment which is also home to boy group, CIX.

"PRELUDE OF LOVE CHAPTER 1" includes four new tracks under the group’s discography led by the title track, "Hymn to Love."

The title track tells the story of a boy who fell deeply into his first love, following the narrative of the Korean folk tale, "The Story of Chunhyang (Chunhyangjeon)."

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KEUM describes the title song saying, "Conceptually, it has a slightly western feel, but this album also gives a strong oriental feel in terms of lyrics."

With dozens of new K-pop groups debuting every year, EPEX has shown their high level of performance skills with every track, and fans have taken notice. 

Their last title track music video, "Anthem of Teen Spirit" has over 24 million views currently and just a week after ‘Hymn to Love" has been released it already has 14 million views. 

EPEX(이펙스) - 사랑歌 M/V

K-pop has continued growing internationally every year with fans from all over writing to members online, including on fan cafes, which is where the members say they see most of the fan interactions firsthand.

"For us personally, our fans, ZENITHs, often write letters from the official fan cafe. Reading them gives us a lot of strength. It is a good way to end the day on a lighter note by reading fan letters that share their daily life with us," says rapper BAEKSEUNG.

KEUM talks about a memorable letter saying, "Personally, I have a strong memory of a letter from a fan who was sick. The fan saw us performing on stage and wrote that he/she had forgotten all the pain. I was very moved."

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"PRELUDE OF LOVE CHAPTER 1" was officially released on October 26. 

BAEKSEUNG says, "By the time we're done with this album promotion, we'll be touring in Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia. I'm already very excited! I can't wait to see our international fans, and I hope to visit the US too."