Jurors find King County not at fault in crash that killed two boys

KENT, Wash. (AP) — A jury has found King County was not responsible for fatal car accident in 2008 that killed two boys when the car they were riding in careened off a rain-slicked road and plunged into the Green River.

The Seattle Times says jurors deliberated for a day in the eight-week civil trial before reaching a unanimous verdict Friday in King County Superior Court.

The families of the two victims, 13-year-old Austin Fuda and 2-year-old cousin Hunter Beaupre, had sued King County, alleging the rural road near Auburn was poorly maintained and designed.

The novice 16-year-old driver was driving the boys to school when she lost control of her car. She managed to escape.

The families' lawyer said the county should have widened the road and kept it free of fallen leaves.

Lawyers for the county insisted the road was safe.