It's road trip season! Here are some tips from PEMCO Insurance

SEATTLE -- There are so many great places to visit in Washington State and whether it's one day on the road or several, PEMCO Insurance is sharing some advice on what travelers prefer.

"Road trips are changing a lot," said Derek Wing, the Communications Manager at PEMCO Insurance. "We're talking about technology making cars safer on the roads and technology giving parents more options to entertain their kids."

A recent PEMCO poll found another change that has nothing to do with technology. It turns out, highway rest areas are not as popular as they used to be.

Almost two-thirds of people said, given a choice, they would rather pull over at a restaurant, coffee shop or convenience store.

"If you can do your one stop shopping and take care of business so to speak, but then also get something to eat or drink at the same time, that's a little more convenient than having to make multiple stops."

Here are some suggestions for a road trip checklist from PEMCO Insurance: