It's not too early for a flu shot: One case already reported at Harborview

SEATTLE -- The time to get your annual flu shot is now, according to area doctors. 

Harborview Medical Center has already treated one case of the flu this year. Dr. John Lynch, the director of infection control at Harborview, said it was Influenza A, the most dangerous type of flu strain.

Aside from the standard recommendations -- wash your hands, don't go to work if you're sick, etc. -- Lynch said the best defense against the flu is the vaccine.

“Healthy people especially need to get the shot or flu mist to protect those where the vaccine doesn’t work as well – like people with chronic medical issues such as cancer," he said. 

The vaccine takes about two weeks to kick in, and pregnant women should get the flu shot too, to protect the health of their babies. 

Last year's flu season was particularly rough, Lynch said, which is one reason why you shouldn't wait to see how severe this season will be.