'It’s definitely a scare here': SPU students warned about suspicious man

SEATTLE -- A warning went out to Seattle Pacific University students about a suspicious man on campus.

School officials say the man attempted to hug and kiss a young woman Tuesday morning. The incident occurred near the intersection of West Cremona Street and 3rd Avenue West.

According to the email alert, a staff member witnessed “what appeared to be unwelcome physical contact.” SPU identified the man as Mark Dobransky and attached a picture in the notice sent to students.

“It’s definitely a scare here, not something that you take lightly or that you want to hear happening on your campus,” said student Sophie Kuehl.

School officials said the man was arrested near campus with a crossbow and arrows last year.

Seattle police and SPU located Dobransky and notified him that he is banned from campus, according to university officials.

If students see him, they are encouraged to contact the Office of Safety and Security by calling (206) 281-2911.