'It's causing chaos': Some brides may have to postpone their weddings a second time

Covid-19 has affected all of our lives, but for some, it’s put a huge damper on what’s supposed to be the happiest day of their lives.

“It’s just an overwhelming amount of emotion and as a planner there's just really nothing you can do,” certified event planner Kate Huebner says.

Huebner has pretty much seen it all in the last month.

From brides so stressed they came down with shingles, to couples resorting to a ceremony for two in their home.

“That should be your happiest day, you know? Not sitting in your living room in your wedding dress that you’ve been waiting so long to put on, with grocery store flowers," Huebner says.

For Rebecca Phillips and her husband, who are full time wedding photographers, the shutdown has been financially devastating.

“Things probably aren’t going to go back to normal for us for probably a couple years," Rebecca says.

She, like so many other vendors we spoke with, say it’s literally not possible to refund every couple that’s recently cancelled their services.

“If I gave everybody their money back right now I would literally lose my house," she says.

Not knowing when weddings will be permitted again has been extremely difficult.

“This is just a nightmare for everybody involved.”

Bride Ryan Gormley knows all about a wedding nightmare.

“The first time we postponed, I have to say that was the most stressed out I’ve been in the whole wedding process.”

Ryan and her fiancé postponed their March wedding to May, then May to September, and the couple is still concerned they may have to postpone a third time, making it stressful to think about sending out new invitations with their new date.

It's a scenario bride Brooke Bosler knows all too well.

“I’m a wedding planner and I’m overwhelmed planning my own wedding,” she says.

As a wedding planner, Brooke has been juggling comforting brides and postponing their big day, while postponing her own.

“I'm not going be able to get my bachelorette party I’ve always wanted, I’m not going to have the bridal shower that I've always wanted. My grandparents don't feel comfortable coming to my wedding maybe that’s in September," she says.

With her June wedding pushed to September, Brooke says brides are constantly asking her questions she wishes she knew the answers to. Will a September wedding be okay? Brides and vendors alike say they'll just have to hope for the best.