'It seemed like a horrible, horrible nightmare,' friend of slain teen says at trial

EVERETT -- The trial of Molly Conley’s accused killer opened Monday, with her family listening to agonizing 911 calls made seconds after the 15-year-old was shot in the neck while walking along South Lake Stevens Road with friends on June 1, 2013.

Molly’s friends said they saw a flash come from a passing car and then watched as Molly collapsed and rolled down a steep hill.

In 911 calls, hysterical friends are heard asking others if Molly is alive. They flagged down drivers passing by.

“It seemed like a horrible, horrible nightmare,” said one of Molly's friends, Cassie, who was with her that night.

Dean Jenson was the first to stop to help. He says he ran down the hill and caught Molly’s body.
“She rolled into my arms,” Jenson said.

Prosecutors say Erick Walker, 28, was the driver of the passing car who shot Molly. And they say he didn’t stop there.

Police say Walker also shot up at least four homes, narrowly missing residents inside.

“An extreme indifference for human life displayed by the person who committed them,” prosecutor Ed Stemler said.

Walker has denied any involvement in Molly's shooting.

The case against Walker will weigh heavily on two guns. Prosecutors say the bullets that riddled the homes matched Walkers’ weapons.

“They found 2 Ruger Black Hawk revolvers in the defendant’s master bedroom,” Stemler said.

But defense attorney Mark Mestel emphasized to the jury, “At the scene where Ms. Conley died, police found no evidence. There was no bullet casing, no bullets.”

On the day Molly was killed, she was out with friends celebrating her 15th birthday.

“She was delightful and funny and so sweet and loving, kind and a super hard worker," mom Susan Arksey said.