Issaquah is now '12SAQUAH'

12SAQUAH - Don't call it Issaquah - call it '12SAQUAH'. The city has once again undergone a name change, in honor of the Seattle Seahawks return to the Super Bowl.

The City of Issaquah's website says that Mayor Fred Butler will change Issaquah's name to '12SAQUAH' for February 1, 2015 - Super Bowl Sunday.

Mayor Butler will issue a proclamation at 10:45 Friday January 23 during a rally at Issaquah High School.

“As 12s, our community is home to some of the most passionate fans in the entire nation,” Butler said. “We are thrilled to rename our City as a tribute to our Seahawks and their fans. I am proud to stand with our community of 12s and say, I’m in — again!”

In 2014, Issaquah changed its name to 12SAQUAH to celebrate the Seahawks’ trip to Super Bowl XLVIII.