Issaquah considers eliminating city-designated truck routes south of I-90

ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- Traffic, noise, pollution and safety concerns are complaints city leaders in Issaquah say they’ve getting from people who live in the heart of the city. Some neighbors are pointing fingers at the big rigs that use city streets.

City leaders said they wanted to see just how bad it was here on Front Street and Sunset Way, so a staff member stood out at the intersection for 10 minutes and saw 20 big rigs pass through.

Caring for his 2-year-old daughter Lily Grace, Nick Darnell doesn’t take any chances.

“I can’t leave kids out here alone or turn my back for even a second,” said Darnell. “You got to stay on them.”

The Darnells live in the heart of Issaquah, just blocks from city hall, where city leaders are getting an earful of complaints about congestion, noise, and safety, something Darnell has seen firsthand.

“We were just yelling at somebody, slow down,” said Darnell. “You know there’s no reason for it; 10 feet in front of you there’s a stop sign, and they’re going 30 mph, it doesn’t make sense.”

City administrators said big trucks make up 25 percent of the traffic. In order to lessen the load on neighbors, they’re considering a plan to move the truck route south of I-90 and off Sunset Way. However, not everyone is convinced that will solve the problems.

“I don’t’ think it will improve anything,” said Judy Baker, who lives near city hall.

City leaders say all the options are on the table as Issaquah continues to grow, but the Darnells hope they find the solution sooner than later.

The city is expected to see a more formal proposal on the matter at its next meeting on September 6.