Is staging your home worth it?

The end of August is a hot time for the real estate market. A lot of people turn to staging their home to make it more attractive to buyers. That can be key since most listings are online. According to some experts, a good first impression can increase the asking price.

PEMCO underwriting program manager Gary Kinniburgh says the key is getting rid of clutter. That includes the inside and the outside of your home. "If your front door is dinged up, a new coat of paint or new hardware goes a long way towards selling. Getting a new welcome mat. Just something that's inviting," says Kinniburgh.

There are plenty of cheap fixes you can do yourself. For example, add lights to dim spaces, get carpets professionally cleaned and tone down your walls with a neutral paint color.

So is home staging worth it? Kinniburgh says yes. It can help your home sell faster and for a higher asking price. But he doesn't think you need a professional, especially in Seattle. That's because the market is so hot, you can probably get away with a few minor fixes.