Is Portland funnier than Seattle?

SEATTLE -- People in Seattle are pretty funny.

That's according to researchers at the University of Colorado.

A team of experts at the school's humor research lab found Seattle is the tenth funniest city in America for its " youthful and tech-savvy humor and sometimes smug toward outsiders."

Professors spent nine months coming up with a humor algorithm where they looked at the top 50 largest cities in the United States.

They looked at which jokes residents in those cities found funny, the number of times residents looked at comedy websites, the number of comedians born there and how many comedy clubs the city had per square mile.

Chicago came in at first place because it's considered the mecca of stand-up comedy.

Another Northwest city also made the list: Portland came in at number 5 for its celebration of oddballs and weirdness.

The top 10 funniest cities in America, according to researchers at the University of Colorado are:

1) Chicago

2) Boston

3) Atlanta

4) Washington, D.C.

5) Portland

6) New York City

7) Los Angeles

8) Denver

9) San Francisco

10) Seattle