IRS tax scam making its way around Western Washington

SEATTLE -- Life is hectic enough with work and family and the stresses of everyday life. Tax time adds an extra layer of pressure most would rather do without.

"I hate the time of putting it together and getting all the stuff gathered and trying to figure it out, make sure I have the right information,” taxpayer Gena Tadych said.

"Just putting my head in the sand and waiting for all the W2s to roll in,” taxpayer Grant Howard said.

To make tax season even worse, scammers are out to get your money and your personal information and they're doing it with fake phone calls claiming to be from the IRS.

"My initial thought was, why are they calling me at 5:48 in the morning?"Michelle Connors said of the 'IRS tax agent' calling her.

She didn't fall for it but admits it caught her off-guard.

"It was more of a ... did I do wrong on my taxes from previous years?" Connors said.

"During tax season there are a lot more scammers out there trying to separate taxpayers from their money,” IRS spokesman David Tucker said.

Tucker says the scam is not new but seems to be happening more this year than before and says there is only one thing taxpayers need to remember to keep from getting scammed.

"People should understand that the IRS does not solicit your personal information, does not solicit your financial information, we do not try to coerce people to provide money to the organization ... and we don't threaten with arrest,” Tucker said.

The IRS also stresses they will never contact anyone for payment via phone, text, email or social media and here in Washington we can also set up a pin number with the IRS. We’re one of only three states where the pin is available. It lets the IRS know that you are you, so no one else can access your information, steal you identity of file a fraudulent return.