Investigators trying to solve mystery surrounding pig found shot & killed in Snohomish County Creek

Investigators are trying to solve the mystery of a young pig that was found shot and killed in the middle of a creek in Snohomish County. They say the pig was nowhere near a farm and likely could not have wandered to that location on its own. It has now prompted an animal cruelty investigation. 

"It was very unusual that this pig would somehow get there on its own," said Kirsten Gregory, Director of Animal Cruelty Response and Prevention at Pasado's Safe Haven. 

Investigators say local residents first spotted the pig dead in Olney Creek around September 14th.     

"The circumstances are odd considering she was a young, healthy, heavy pig," said Gregory. 

She says after getting a tip, they started an investigation. 

"We determined, that she had been shot multiple times," said Gregory.   

Snohomish County Animal Control also got involved and the Washington Department of Natural Resources is assisting if needed. Gregory says evidence points to someone possibly bringing the pig to that location alive. 

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"Evidence at the scene, including footprints in the sand, indicate that the pig was alive. It wasn’t just dumped there dead. This pig was in great condition. She was a young pig in perfect condition. So, it’s unlikely a farmer was getting rid of a pig that somehow had died."

Gregory says there was no kill-shot to the head, adding that this wasn't a case of humane euthanasia.  

"It was unlikely that she died instantly, and so the fact that she was shot and didn’t die instantly and endured some sort of pain and suffering likely, makes it a case of animal cruelty," said Gregory. 

The pig did have an ear tag when found, which Gregory says is evidence that could be helpful in tracking down what happened to the pig, where she came from and how she got to the area of the creek.  

"We think that she’s a Yorkshire pig, so she is so of your typical, what you think of, pink, cute farm pig," said Gregory. "She probably weighed about 175 lbs, so she was a pretty big girl. She appeared to be a young pig in perfect health, other than having been shot." 

A $500 Reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and prosecution. Tips can be provided anonymously by phone at 206-300-7218 or online at

"We are hoping the public can help. It’s a small community. This a very odd case and we think it’s likely someone out there knows what happened to this pig," said Gregory. "We are asking anybody that has any information, that indicates you know, a crime was committed, or maybe there is a reasonable explanation to what happened here, to please provide that information to us."

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