Instant rock legend: Man pulled on Everett stage to save Loverboy concert

EVERETT, Wash. -- It's something we've all dreamed about.

You're at a rock concert. The lead singer gets sick. The band can't continue. They ask if anyone knows how to sing.

Suddenly, you're on stage. A rock God. Like Judas Priest or Mark Wahlberg.

Steve Fournier, 44,  went to the Loverboy and Survivor concert at Xfinity Arena Friday expecting to see one of his favorite bands. A blast from the past.

But the concert quickly took a turn. Loverboy lead singer Mike Reno told the crowd he couldn't continue because he was sick.  A back-up singer asked if anyone could sing Reno's part. The minute that happened, all of Fournier's friends pointed to him.

A singer for a Foreigner tribute band, Fournier was a perfect fit.

"The next thing you know, I'm kind of bum-rushing to the stage," Fournier said.

Fournier stepped on stage and his mind stopped.

"At that time it was a complete blur," Fournier said.

At first, the band seemed pretty worried about Fournier singing. Did he know the songs?

They moved to "Turn Me Loose," one of their well-known hits. Reno, the lead singer, put a headband on Fournier.

Game on.

"It was an amazing opportunity to play with Loverboy and get on stage," Fournier said. "And pay respect to Loverboy. It was too unbelievable."

Fournier sang a couple more songs. A back-up singer and one of Mike Reno's friends also kicked in. Some people left, but many had a good time.

"Most of the crowd was embracing it," Fournier said. "It could have went so many different ways."

Afterwards, people asked him if he was a plant from the band.  People asked for pictures. The sound manager told him not to take the headband off.

"It was surreal," Fournier said.

A rock dream, to be sure.

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Fournier and his Foreginer coverband, Fever 103, will play at Tulalip Casino on Friday, Oct. 4.