Inslee for President 2020? Campaign schedule a big clue

SEATTLE - Though he is not on the ballot this election, Governor Jay Inslee is sure spending a lot of time campaigning.

Inslee has been barnstorming the country on behalf of Democratic candidates in several states, including Iowa, Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan.  Many are seeing it as preparation for a Presidential run in 2020.

There is an official reason for that travel.  Inslee is head of the Democratic Governor’s Association.  It's his job to help all he can with fundraising and stumping, and, of course, national media interviews.

Recently on MSNBC, Inslee was asked about his 2020 intention, something he didn’t rule out.

“That’s another year,” he said.  “We’re focused on 2018 right now.”

Contenders are expected to start announcing their intentions in early 2019, after the dust settles from the mid-terms.

It’s certainly a long shot.  But if Inslee does indeed have a big night on Tuesday in terms of helping elect Democratic governors, and if he can pull out a victory here locally with the carbon tax measure, Initiative 1631, something he has been pushing for years, then he will have some momentum to launch a national run.

Since President Carter, four occupants of the Oval Office have been Governors, and only one a Senator.