Injured hunter recovering after days-long crawl for help

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A hunter who crawled for days after breaking his leg in rugged central Idaho is recovering in a Boise hospital.

John Sain was tracking an elk alone in remote wilderness near McCall last week when his foot slipped between two logs and he fell. The accident broke both of the bones in Sain's lower leg.

The 50-year-old was miles from the trail, didn't have cell service and said he briefly contemplated killing himself. But he changed his mind after writing goodbye letters to his family.

Sain made a splint out of sticks and began the arduous crawl toward the trail, surviving on the little food he had on hand.

It was four days before two motorcyclists found him and called emergency crews. Sain was flown to a Boise hospital on Sunday, where he is expected to remain for a few more days before returning to his Riverside, California home.

Sain says his faith in God kept him alive. He plans to take a satellite phone or GPS locator along next time.