Injured high school football player improving; released from hospital

David Young

SEATTLE -- Wearing a halo to keep his neck stable, Adna Senior, David 'D-Man' Young was wheeled out of Harborview Medical Center after fracturing two vertebrae while making a tackle during a high school football game Friday night.

Young said he is excited to get home.

"It feels good knowing everyone is there for me," he said. "I'm kind of excited to get home."

Young's helmet collided head on with his opponents helmet during a tackle. That forceful action compressed his neck and cracked the two vertebrae.

Young said he immediately felt the pain and went to the hospital. He has advice for any other kids who play tackle football.

"Keep your head up when you go in for a tackle," Young said.

While Young recovered, the family of another injured football player began grieving. Kenney Bui, a Senior from Evergreen High School, died on Monday from a massive head injury.

Today his school announced they have canceled two football games. The team will resume practice on Monday but won't play their next game until Homecoming on October 23rd.

Right now, the district is reviewing its policies and procedures regarding Bui's injury.

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