'Infants at Work' program made permanent at WSDOT

SEATTLE -- The Washington State Department of Transportation has adopted a program that allows employees to bring their babies to work.

The department launched the "Infants at Work" pilot program a year ago after seeing its success at other agencies. They made it permanent this month.

New parents can bring their six-week to six-month-old infants to the office. The program is designed to give parents time to bond with their newborns.

"For me, it just improves my morale, and I feel like everyone else's morale," said WSDOT engineer Tim Weiss. "When she's in a good mood, it puts me in a good mood having her with me."

Currently, 16 employees participate in the program -- two at the Washington State Ferries office.

Amber Erdahl from WSDOT said other agencies have reached out and are interested to learn whether the program would be a good fit for them.