Indonesian community rallies around students injured in Aurora Bridge crash

SEATTLE -- The Indonesian community is still reeling from the loss of one of their own.

The Aurora Bridge crash is still surreal for Jonathan Kresmadi.

“As a father I can’t imagine all I can do is comfort the mom,” Kresmadi said.

The last few days have been tough comforting the mom of 18 year-old Ivan Putradanto The teenager is among the five international students killed when witnesses say a duck boat lost control and slammed into a charter bus. The bus was on the way to orientation with dozens of North Seattle College students on board.

Kresmadi says Ivan’s parents knew their son had been on the bus but they couldn’t reach him.

“We called Harborview we called police department there was no information,” Kresmadi said.

More than 6 hours later Kresmadi says the police chief and mayor Murray were the first to tell Ivan’s mother her only son had died.

“They are very sad they are shocked,” Kresmadi said.

As the Indonesian community helps Ivan’s family get his body back to his home country for burial, they are concerned about two other Indonesian students still at Harborview.

“The families are coming from Indonesia, we are glad to hear the Indonesian Consulate from San Francsico visited us,” pastor Kolinus Buntaran said.

Buntaran says a female international student injured during the crash is recovering at Harborview along with another Indonesian male student. He’s been visiting the hospital often so the students know they are not alone.

“It’s part of our community to reach out to the students who study here,” Buntaran said.

Kresmadi says the Indonesian community is a small knit group who will do everything they can to bring some closure for Ivan’s family who just days ago were able to see their son’s body for the first time since the accident.

“They just talk with their son I heard they say the mom or the father say can you pray for me over there I know you love to pray,” Kresmadi said.

North Seattle College has set up this link for people to donate to the victims and their families.