'I'm embarrassed to say I am from Seattle:' Carjacking victim talks for the first time since terrifying event

It’s 30 seconds that will leave a lasting impact on one Seattle man.  A victim carjacked at gunpoint spoke about the harrowing experience for the first time on camera on Friday.

Phil Salmon who owns a Chevron gas station in North Seattle showed up to his place Wednesday morning when the terrifying event unfolded.

"He had the gun pointed right at my abdomen and my chest, he has it this level, dead on," carjacking victim Salmon said.

Salmon’s adrenaline is still pumping, how can it not when someone points a short barrel shotgun at you up close.

"I kept saying it’s cool, take it easy and the whole time his finger is on the trigger," Salmon said.

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It's one thing to hear the victim speak about the armed carjacking it’s another to see it.

Surveillance video from his Greenwood gas station caught the entire incident.

You see Salmon pulling up in his GMC Denali and getting out.

Salmon says he saw a man parked at the gas station and the man looked over at him.  Salmon says that’s when he asked if the man needed help with anything.

"He turned with a shotgun like this and he said you’re freaking right I need something, give me your keys then he started walking towards me," Salmon said.

Then the man with the shotgun threatens Salmon’s life.

"He said give me your freaking keys so I am backing up I took 4 steps back and he says give me your freaking keys or I am going to kill you," Salmon said.

 Prosecutors say Leonardo David Ortega is the carjacking suspect.

After Salmon gives Ortega his keys and backs away slowly, you see Ortega move something from his old car into his new stolen ride. Ortega then takes off in Salmon’s truck ending up in a police pursuit. Ortega was finally caught in the waterfront area after officers performed a pit maneuver. In the process, Ortega slammed into a Waste Management truck destroying Salmon’s vehicle. Other cars were also damaged.

"I don’t want to get too political but this defunding of police thing is just ridiculous I would like to see someone send a social worker and deal with this guy," Salmon said.

Ortega is a repeat offender with seven felony convictions and court documents state that SPD is investigating him for two other armed carjackings prior to targeting Salmon.

"We have seen a steady increase in crime," Salmon said.

Salmon’s business has been along NW 85th Street in Greenwood for decades. He says crime has never been so bad around him that he doesn’t recognize the city he once loved.

"I’m embarrassed to say I’m from Seattle, that’s how bad it is, I’m just hoping that somebody wakes up and turns the corner but you got to start addressing the crime, if they don’t the thing that happen to me will be an everyday deal," Salmon said.

Ortega had a bail hearing on Friday but refused to show up. He will remain in jail at least until his next court appearance which is coming up on Monday.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office on Feb. 8 charged Ortega with felony first-degree robbery, attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle and first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

In addition to Feb. 3rd's carjacking, Ortega was just charged with stealing a car on January 21st.