Illegal Space Needle climb real? Video seems to prove stunt

SEATTLE -- Did you doubt that recent pictures showing a man sitting on top of CenturyLink Field and the Space Needle were too scary to be real? That whoever posted the pictures was most likely a skilled photo editor, not a skilled climber?

A recent video posted on YouTube seems to prove the unlawful Space Needle climb was indeed the real thing.

YouTube video linked to the Internet crowd-sourcing site Reddit Thursday appears to show two unidentified climbers making their way to the top of the iconic needle. While it's unknown exactly when the video was taken -- the needle is painted gold, much like it was in 2012 -- the beginning of the video says the climb was made in 2013.

YouTube user ScrawledInBlack apparently posted the video in response to a recent KIRO 7 story questioning how the climbers snuck into highly secure buildings throughout Seattle, and if the pictures were real.

"Proof in the Link," ScrawledInBlack wrote.

Commentators praised the Space Needle climbers for their adventurous spirit and their skilled "Buildering" -- a term meant to describe the act of climbing an artificial structure. While often  illegal, Buildering has recently gained popularity throughout the world and pictures of individuals scaling structures such as the Chrysler Building and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge have surfaced online.

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