If you miss that signature cocktail, you can now order it to go in Washington state

SEATTLE --  In hopes of giving bar owners a leg to stand on during the pandemic, Washington state is now allowing bars and restaurants to sell premixed cocktails to go.

So if you missed your favorite signature drink, you now have an option to quench that thirst.

A local bar on 2nd Avenue in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood is welcoming the new option

“We’ve gotten two James Beard nominations since we opened we were Seattle Weekly’s restaurant of the year a few years ago,” No Anchor Bar Owner Chris Elford said.

Despite all the accolades, No Anchor Bar has to reinvent itself during a pandemic.

“This is almost none of our first plan in life, we have all pivoted and adjusted we are really creative and resourceful,” Elford said.

The owner now plans to take advantage of something he’s never done before, selling pre-mixed cocktails to go.

“we’ve always bottled our cocktails here so it’s kind of an easy pivot to send them out the door now,” Elford said.

Like their signature Old Fashioned called the Second Marriage.

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board says there are no limits to how many pre-mixed cocktails you can order as long as you purchase the alcoholic drinks with food.

The cocktails to go also have to be fully sealed or covered with no holes and placed in the car where a driver cannot reach it.

A spokesperson for the board says ideally owners and employees will ensure the rules are followed.

“Margins are better on drinks than food usually, for many bars and restaurants it will be a helpful bandaid,” Elford said.

Elford mentioned that he and his staff are creative and resourceful, they are also resilient.

“Keep the faith,” Elford said.

He’s determined to keep No Anchor Bar open and waiting for patrons to one day enjoy a cocktail inside.

No Anchor Bar will start selling cocktails to go on May 14.

Elford also owns Navy Strength next door where people cannot buy pre-mixed cocktails to go but you can continue to purchase cocktail kits instead.

He says the cocktail kits have been a boost to his business.