Iconic Tulip Town sold to Skagit County venture capital group

MT. VERNON, Wash. -- The iconic Tulip Town in Skagit County is under new ownership, but it will stay local.

According to the Skagit Valley Herald, local venture capital group Spinach Bus Ventures bought the farm last week.

Tulip Town has been for sale since December 2017, but the owners had a hard time selling it.

They're now working with the new owners to teach them about the farm.

The new owners say they want to focus on the tulip bulb business while exploring options to bring visitors to the farm year-round.

From the Herald:

Tulip Town was started by Tom and Jeannette DeGoede and played an integral role in the founding of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in 1984. Tom DeGoede died earlier this month at the age of 85.

Jeannette DeGoede said while it’s difficult to sell Tulip Town, SB Ventures was the right fit to take over the farm.

“They worked in the spinach fields and they have a background here,” she said. “Who better to serve the community than this group?”