Iconic Seattle store Leroy Menswear closes for good

SEATTLE - A Seattle staple has officially shut its doors for good after 37 years in business.

That's because Leroy Shumate, the owner of Leroy Menswear on Pike Street, is losing his battle with cancer.

The store sold off everything inside for a final day today and officially closed the doors at 6 p.m. Saturday.

Shumate's son posted the news on "Reddit Seattle" and asked for help spreading the word.

Leroy Menswear is known for its flashy suits, and Leroy himself has become an icon in the community.

"This was his life, his passion. He loved talking to people, he loved being here in downtown Seattle," said Dion Shumate, Leroy's son. "It's great to see everybody come out, the place has been packed all day."

Several celebrities have also gotten suits from Leroy.

Michael "Wanz" Wansley got his suit from the "Thrift Shop" music video at the store.


And Macklemore posted a goodbye message to the store on his Instagram page.