Iconic Everett bowling alley closes after six decades in business due to COVID-19 pandemic

For six decades, Glacier Lanes in Everett has been an entertainment staple in Snohomish County. 

"This was home. We have people that bowled as kids, got married and their kids bowled. Their kids kids have their kids that bowled. It's like a big family," said co-owner Larry Miller.

On Sunday, the Miller family closed its lanes for good due to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced the bowling alley and its restaurant and lounge to shutdown.

"With utility bills, gas bills, insurance, payroll, there was not enough money to pay those and all we do is down, down, down, down," said Miller.

Miller said the family held out hope for as long as they could, but with no reopening date in sight, they had to make the painful decision to call it quits.

"Very heartbreaking, lots of sleepless nights. I probably woken up every morning at 2 am just with anxiety because i have staff that have been here for 24 years, 16 years, 14 years, 22 years and my heart goes out for them," said Miller.

The Miller bowling tradition all started in the 1940s with Larry's father Ernie Miller, a championship bowler that was inducted into the bowling hall of fame in 2000. He still holds the world's record for pinsetting by hand after setting pins for 200 games in multiple alleys over the course of one day.

"He just knew how to work the business, but he loved it and that's the thing is he had a passion for this business. This is what he wanted to do his whole life and that's what he did," said Miller.

Miller said he will always cherish the memories and good times.

"There were just good memories because we all did it as a family and we could all meet here as a family, eat here as a family, bowl as a family, no matter what it was we could do it as a family," said Miller.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, Miller said he doesn't know what the future holds, but whatever it is, he's ready.

"I have faith you know? Whatever the next journey is, I'll be ready," said Miller.