'I have never supported this president': Portland-area sheriff denies Trump's debate claim

President Donald Trump made a bold statement during last night's debate when he said "the Portland sheriff just came out today and he said I support President Trump." But the sheriff of Multnomah County - where Portland is located - said that's absolutely false.

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"I represent everybody, all political persuasions," Sheriff Mike Reese said in an interview. "But I certainly do not support this president, have never supported this president and it's a total fabrication, and I'm just really disappointed."

Portland has been a flashpoint in the debate over racial injustice protests in the U.S. Police and federal agents have repeatedly clashed with demonstrators gathered outside the downtown federal courthouse and police buildings.

Some protesters have thrown bricks, rocks and other projectiles at officers. Police and federal agents responded by firing tear gas, rubber bullets and other non-lethal ammunition to disperse the crowds.

Reese said the president has only made things worse.